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  • First Time Homebuyer?
  • When you decide to buy a home, I can only imagine how many questions are going through your head. What is our spending price point? How do we begin the loan process? Do we go to a bank or broker?, etc. It’s easy to understand how the process can be overwhelming and knowing where to begin can be challenging. Here are my suggestions that can help you prepare to start the home-buying and home loan process.

    It feels like hundreds of people have been bombarding you with tips in buying your new home, but who is telling you accurate information? Let us debunked those myths!

    Renovation mistakes can cause a loss in money, regret, and most importantly STRESS!
    Avoiding those mistakes can save you from going through a great deal of trouble. Here are some of the most common mistakes.

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    Designed to help narrow down options based on your individual needs. It’s quick, it’s easy, and the more questions you answer – the more accurate your results. You’ll receive the Purchase information you need instantly without all the calls and emails!