Tips To Excel As A First Time Homebuyer

Excel As A First Time Homebuyer

When you decide to buy a home, I can only imagine how many questions run through your head. What is our spending price point? How do we begin the loan process? Do we go to a bank or broker?, etc. It’s understandable that the process can be overwhelming and knowing where to begin can be challenging. As… [Read More]

Before Applying For A Mortgage Loan

Before You Apply Home

Buying a home can be extremely stressful and the mortgage loan process can drive you insane! But the good news is that you can prepare yourself before you actually apply for a mortgage loan! You can be either a first-time homebuyer or a repeat buyer. If you do your homework, the whole loan process will go smoothly…. [Read More]

Bathroom Makeover Ideas and Tips

Fancy Bathroom Makeover

  Bathroom Makeover Ideas and Tips           These months have you shaken your head at your own bathroom? There’s many families in San Antonio that are considering remodeling. For older home buyers that have inhabited their comfy home for many of years now is definitely the best time to remodel.  Especially If you have no near plans to move,  bathroom… [Read More]

Mortgage Myths Debunked

Find the Facts

Mortgage Myths Debunked  Is Pre-Qualification the same as Pre-Approval? A common misconception many people have is that getting pre-qualified is the same as getting pre-approved. However, these are actually not the same. When you are pre-qualified, this is based on us looking at your debt and liabilities, deciding what you could afford, and that you… [Read More]

10 Best Remodel Investments

10 Best Remodel Investments

10 Best Remodel Investments If you’ve been contemplating remodeling any part of your home, but don’t know what projects could offer the greatest payoff potential, we wanted to make it easy for you by simply listing  the 10 Best Remodel Investments. 1. Entry Door replacement (steel) Job cost: $1,162 10 Best Remodel Investments: #1 Return on… [Read More]

10 Reasons FHA Mortgages Remain Popular with Borrowers

FHA Mortgages

  There is perhaps nothing more attractive to first-time homebuyers than no and low down payment mortgages. Saving up a down payment of 5 percent or even 10 percent is a significant barrier to entry for many Americans. Among the most popular mortgage options with these borrowers are FHA loans. The Federal Housing Administration is… [Read More]

For Sale by Owner

Sell Your House BY Owner

 For Sale by Owner Many people selling their homes nowadays may wonder If it would be better to hire an agent to list it. Others would better prefer to sell their own home. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages for either so we compiled a list of key points to consider when deciding which way… [Read More]

Why Should You Buy In The Winter

Buy In the Winter

  Why Should You Buy In The Winter? Purchasing a home during the winter can be very beneficial to the buyer! Winter season is a buyer’s market! Here are five reasons why you should purchase a home during the winter.   Fewer Shoppers = Less Competition The housing market is slow so that means there are fewer… [Read More]

What is Home Equity

What is Home Equity

What is Home Equity? You have probably heard the word equity at least once in your lifetime. Whether it be in conversation, advertised in a commercial on TV, magazines, etc. but what does it mean exactly? Well, we wanted to make it easy for you and explain it simply, so it’s easy to understand! Home… [Read More]