Brand New or Previously Owned

Brand New Or Previously Used

Brand New or Previously Owned Everything is new. Appliances are under warranty and it should be a long time before they must be replaced. Less maintenance. One of the main reasons so many people chose to buy a new home is because they know maintenance costs will be minimal from the start. There is no… [Read More]

Raise Those Credit Scores

Raise Those Credit Scores

Raise Those Credit Scores Your credit scores are a defining set of numbers in many ways. Punctuality is reflected by the timing of when you make your payments. The amount of debt you owe is viewed as a percentage of the total amount of credit you have available.  An established credit history–the length of your… [Read More]

Get a High Appraisal!

Get a Good Appriaser

Whether you’re buying or refinancing, no one wants to face the challenge of having their appraisal come in lower than their mortgage amount. To ensure your appraisal comes in high, these are some tips from us to help you make sure your home is valued high. Does the Appraiser know the Area? You may be… [Read More]

FHA 203k Loans

Rennovation FHA 203K

          If you have ever watched the show, Property Brothers, on HGTV, you see that they help homebuyers find and buy a home that needs major renovations but has the potential to become their custom dream home all for a lower price. This can be appealing to first time home buyers… [Read More]

VA Bonus Entitlement

The basic VA Guaranty Program entitles you up to $36,000 for a loan under $144,000. There is also a bonus entitlement that gives you an additional $68,250!  In most counties, you are entitled to a maximum guaranty of $104,250 and a loan limit up to $417,000. The max guaranty amount is 25% of the loan… [Read More]