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Conforming Loans: Conventional loans that meet bank-funding criteria set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

FHA 203k: Homes that are in need of renovations

Fixed Rate Mortgage: Interest rates do not change for the term of the loan, so the monthly payment is always the same

Manufactured Housing: Did you know over 20 million people live in manufactured housing which equals to over 7% of the U.S. population?!

TX Vet and VA Loans: As a veteran you may qualify for the Veterans Affairs (VA) Home Guarantee Program

One-Time Close Construction Loans: Program that allows you to take care of the mortgage process and the construction loan process all at once

USDA Loan:Live In rural American with a zero down payment


FHA 203 h: For people who lived in one of the counties that are declared a Presidential Designed Disaster Area

Advanced Loan Options

Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM): Interest rate that may vary over the term

BC Loans:  Temporary loans until credit is restored

Calculate VA Funding Fee: Lower funding fees

Conforming Loans: Loans that meet bank-funding criteria

Conventional Loans Texas: Offered by non-government lenders

FHA 203k: Homes that are in need of renovations

FHA Mortgage Loans: Less stringent requirements

Fixed Rate Mortgage: Interest rate does not change

Home Equity and Cash Out Loans:First lien home equity refinancing

Home Improvement Loans: Construction, Purchase, Refinance

Hybrid ARMs: Combination of fixed/adjustable rates

Jumbo Loans: Exceed the maximum loan amounts

Loan Programs-Texas: Call for details

Manufactured Home Loan: 1/3 of homes sold are manufactured

State and Local Housing: For low-to-moderate income families

Tex-Vet Home Loans: For veterans

The Loan Laboratory:  What we do, is not rocket science

VA Bonus Entitlement Program: VA Benefits

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