FHA 203k

 Almost Every Home Could Use Improvement or Renovation 

The home you own may need renovations and, if you are wanting to buy a home, few properties you look at are perfect.  Changes or upgrades like new floor coverings, remodeling out dated kitchens and bathrooms, installing a new roof or repainting are all ways to increase the value of your home.  And, make your home a more ‘perfect fit’ for you and your family.

We have financing

for current home owners that will allow you to get all your renovation ‘wants and needs’ done at one time, and in most situations, you will keep your mortgage payments the same or even be able to lower them.  For people who are buying a home, our home loans will allow you include all the needed or desired improvements in the purchase price of your home. This way, you can have the home you really want and keep your mortgage payment low.

American Property Financial Inc. has several Home Improvement Loan Programs that will allow you to accomplish all your remodeling needs.   FHA, VA and Conventional loans for both home owners who need to remodel their current home and home buyers who cannot find a home that is in need a lot of upgrades or renovations.   American Property Financial Inc. specializes in the following purchase and renovation loan programs:

Purchase and Renovation Loan Programs:

  We have the FHA 203 K loan, the VA renovation loan and the FNMA Conventional Homestyle loan program.  Each of these loan programs is unique and has specific benefits and advantages.  For example, FHA 203 K loans have a low 3.50% down payment and all the benefits that are available in an FHA loan.  The VA renovation loan has $0.00 down payment, and will allow you to make all the repairs or upgrades wanted to the home you purchase.  And, the FNMA Conventional Homestyle loan program allows for all the benefits of a conventional loan.

Each of these loan programs is unique and has specific benefits and advantages.  Some have low or no down payment requirements, some require mortgage insurance while others don’t.  The underwriting criteria of these programs are designed to fit the widest spectrum of buyer needs.  We will work with you to determine which is the best for you.

Remodel Loans:

  You love your home; however, it may be in need of renovations or you would just like to update the property.  As with our purchase loan programs, we can help you find a loan that will cover all your remodeling costs.  With a Remodel Loan, you can accomplish all your home remodeling needs, rolling the cost of financing into the loan, and may have monthly payments smaller than what you currently have.

What should you do? 

The expert loan officers at American Property Financial Inc. will look at your individual situation, talk with you about your remodel or purchase goals, and advise you on the best program available for your situation.  Give us a call today 210-614-8951.



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