Home Equity and Cash Out Loans

Need Money? Money for college, a wedding, or pay off all your bills and reduce your total monthly payments and save on the amount of interest you are paying each month?  American Property Financial has many options from which you may choose.

American Property Financial offers first lien home equity refinancing.  This involves restructuring your present mortgage and borrowing additional money against the equity in your home.  This will often allow you to lower the interest rate on your existing mortgage and lower your overall mortgage payment, in addition to getting cash for other needs such as repairs and remodeling.

After visiting with one of our loan officers you might wonder:
“Why didn’t I consider a home equity loan sooner?”

Investment Property Loans.  American Property Financial can help you purchase a new investment property or to get out of an existing property?  To purchase a new investment property, we have a wide variety of low down payment loans and stated income loans for the self-employed borrower.  To refinance an existing investment property, visit with one of our loan officers for the best type of refinance available.  There is no need to sell that investment property to get a significant portion of your equity out.  And remember, there are no capital gains on borrowed money.

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