Home Improvement Loans

Construction Loans: There are so many decisions in building a home and not the least is what kind of loan to use in building your new home.  A loan that will not only give you a good rate, but one that your builder can live with.  One that has extended rate lock features so when your home is finished you don’t find that rates have gone up and your payment is much higher than you had planned on.

American Property Financial Inc. has several construction loan programs.  We have a One-Time Close program which may be ideal for your construction loan needs.  We also offer the traditional construction loan closing where upon the completion of your home you close into a mortgage loan.  There are many times this may be a better solution for your home building needs than our one-time close program.  In either case we are experienced with both types of construction loan and we offer both.

Purchase and Renovation Loans: 
If you are looking for a new home and find a house that would be perfect, if certain things were different.  These things could range from new carpet and paint, to major renovations, such as new roof, remodeled kitchen or additional rooms.  American property Financial Inc. has loans that will allow you to purchase a home, pay for the improvements or renovations and include all these costs into one loan and one payment.  Don’t pass up what may be a diamond in the ruff and a home where you can actually add value in the process.

Remodel and Refinance: 
You love your home, however it is in need of renovations, updating or major remodeling.  You are not looking forward to the extra payment of a home improvement loan.  You are not sure if you have enough equity for a home equity loan.

What do you do?  American Property Financial Inc. has programs where you can pay for the remodeling you need, refinance the existing balance and by getting the best interest rate and longer terms may be able to accomplish all your home improvements and keep your payments as low as they currently are.



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