The Loan Laboratory

What we do, is not rocket science.  However, because of our experienced staff we can accomplish things that other mortgage lenders find difficult.

Things we can do better:

  • Have a loan balance far excess of $417,000 and avoid being penalized with Jumbo loan interest rates.
  • Use Tex-Vet financing to buy a home far in excess of the $325,000 benefit and even over the normal $417,000 FNMA limit.
  • For qualified veterans we can help arrange financing with a rate so low you need to call us for details.
  • We can help buyers who have bruised credit or little credit buy a home.
  • We can eliminate Private Mortgage Insurance.
  • Construction loans where you can finance 100% of your construction cost and other closing cost, and not put any of your money in the home.**
  • Great Down Payment Assistance Programs.  Buying a home with little or no money is easier now than ever before, and with great interest rates and No prepayment penalties.

**Conditions and Restrictions may apply.



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