USDA Loan In Rural Texas

Do you ever dream of living in abundant scenery? Does the countryside appeal to you more than city life? If that’s the case then a USDA loan is your best fit. The USDA Program was designed to help families live in   rural areas of America with a zero down payment, a low mortgage insurance, and low interest rates.

Benefits of a USDA Loan?

     1. Zero Down Payment Required

A major difficulty homebuyers face is obtaining the down payment. Many lenders require as much as 20% down. Not the USDA program. USDA loans are a simple $0 down

2. Lower Interest Rate

As a government insured loan, USDA offer excellent rates

     3. Flexible Credit Guidelines

USDA loans also have underwriting guidelines that meet the need of many prospective homebuyers, including those who may be first time homebuyers. Even underwriting guidelines will help you become a home owner.

This Program Offers….

The opportunity for you to live in housing located in rural America. A place for you and your family to live in peace.
Eligible applicants under this loan are allowed to:
• Build
• Buy
• Refinance

How Can I Apply?

Criteria to qualify for these loans include income requirements, location of the residence, and household size (Fill and email your Application to to find If you and your property qualify).

Eligible Home Requirements
Urban regions are generally not applicable for USDA programs, however few selective pockets in the suburbs may. The most eligible regions are rural locations

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