Why Should You Buy In The Winter


Why Should You Buy In The Winter?

Purchasing a home during the winter can be very beneficial to the buyer! Winter season is a buyer’s market! Here are five reasons why you should purchase a home during the winter.

 Should I buy or sell?

Fewer Shoppers = Less Competition

The housing market is slow so that means there are fewer buyers BUT that also means that there is less competition. It is a buyers market during the winter! You are less likely to enter a bidding war. Because the competition is low, the chances of getting into a bidding war are rare

 Ohh, that dreaded bidding war

You have leverage when it comes to negotiating. Again, because the market is slow sellers are more likely to agree to a lower price.

 Negotiate What You Want

You can test the house’s endurance. Winter puts all major systems to the test such as heaters, plumbing, and roofs. Winter is the best time to test them so you won’t be surprised with an issue later on.

Well... At least we Know The Basement Doesn't Leak
Sellers are motivated to sell! Sellers want to get that tax break or they want to start the year fresh! So they will do what it takes to close the deal!


So whether you purchase your home in the winter or any other season of the year, call us at American Property Financial to help you! We can walk you through the mortgage process from the begining to the very end


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